Statement from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023
SAG-AFTRA continues to publicly mischaracterize AMPTP’s AI proposal. The Union has distorted the facts in an effort to garner support for its work stoppage, but the facts need to be corrected.
The AMPTP agrees with SAG-AFTRA that use of a performer’s likeness to generate a new performance requires consent and compensation. 
The AMPTP’s approach to this new technology has led to the Companies’ current AI proposal that establishes first-of-its-kind protections: 
  • Advance, specific consent from the performer required both to create and use Digital Replicas.
    • No Digital Replica of the performer can be created without the performer’s written consent and description of the intended use in the film.
    • Prohibition of later use of that Replica unless performer specifically consents to that new use and is paid for it. AMPTP explicitly confirmed to SAG-AFTRA that consents needed for later use of Digital Replicas apply to background actors as well as principal performers.
  • No “Digital Alteration” that would change the nature of an actor’s performance in a role is allowed without informing the performer of the intended alteration and securing the performer’s consent.
    • Limited exceptions for traditional editing/post-production practices.
  • Background actors’ job protection: SAG-AFTRA rules require Producers to hire up to a specified number of background actors under the SAG-AFTRA contract per day. Those rules remain in effect, preserving existing job protections for background actors.
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