AMPTP Releases Details of its August 11th Comprehensive Proposal to WGA

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Proposed Package Addresses WGA’s Most Significant Priorities
LOS ANGELES (August 22, 2023) —The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) today released extensive details of its August 11th proposal to the Writers Guild — a comprehensive package which addresses all of the issues the Guild has identified as its highest priorities. The offer recognizes the foundational role writers play in the industry and underscores the Companies’ commitment to ending the strike.
This new package substantially improves upon the AMPTP’s prior proposals. The comprehensive package also features first-of-their-kind offers for writers, including unprecedented terms in the areas of Generative Artificial Intelligence, data transparency and minimum staffing.
Carol Lombardini, President of the AMPTP, said, “Our priority is to end the strike so that valued members of the creative community can return to what they do best and to end the hardships that so many people and businesses that service the industry are experiencing. We have come to the table with an offer that meets the priority concerns the writers have expressed. We are deeply committed to ending the strike and are hopeful that the WGA will work toward the same resolution.”

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